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Life is like a heartbeat…

So back in early 2000, I started developing headaches. So I suffered them on a daily basis. My husband suggested that I go have a MRI done. So one day when my dad was out of the office (he was a dr), he had cataract surgery. I scheduled my MRI. Reminder, I worked for him so that was a blessing. 

I went to my test, left and was heading to Barnes and Noble when I got a page, yes back then we still had pagers. Telling me to call the radiology department. Umm I can say oh crap what are they going to say. They request that I come back for additional testing. So I did and please know I appreciate it to this day. I was told I had not one but two problems.  One you have three brain tumors, second you have a condition called Arnold Chari Malformation. Oh by the way you need to have brain surgeries. Being in complete utter shock I went to the office and broke. Me as a doctors dtr and me as a wife and a mother what am I going to do. So of course I called my husband, dad and my mother who was fighting her own battle of breast cancer. With all that long story short as my husband always says, I had my brain tumor surgery first and a year later had the chari surgery. Brain tumors were not cancerous. And they other was a condition we’re the tonsils at the back of the brain had slipped down the base of my neck (hyperextended) and had the skull piece removed and put a mesh piece in its place to hold everything in. So needless to say I can’t ride horses or go ride roller coasters. And needless to say I had other issues that were going to break me down.  Another chapter in my life …check!

Me writing my story I hope encourages others. More tomorrow stand by. Till then again sleep with the angels. 

How this all started 

Me n my body have been through hell and back. People look at me and say “you don’t look sick.” Well let me start by saying thank you but if you really knew I would blow your mind.

My name is Lara, which my parents picked out for me from the very first movie they saw together. Dr Zhavigo who was in love with a nurse named Lara. Yes my dad is a doctor and my mom was a nurse.  So all my life I heard the theme “Lara’s theme”. I can start by saying I was born with a enlarged heart and a condition called fetal alcohol syndrome. Which the FAS has effected me my whole life. I did grow out of the enlarged heart thank goodness. I will fast forward to middle school and say my parents got divorced when I was 3 so I was raised by my self. I say that because my mom was a alcoholic and I had to take care of her. 

Not till high school was I aloud to move in with my dad. I started working at his office (internal medicine and cardiologist). But I will not be who I am if it was not for my dad teaching me everything I know.  I am 46 and still in love being in the medical field. 

So fast forward a few more years, to 1991. I met my Prince Charming at the age of 20. He had a dtr from a previous baby’s momma. We got together and had two children of our own.  Yes we are still married after 26 years and have been through many of storms. But that’s what makes us so strong. 

So now for the main reason I am writing this story, journey, blog. I am to the point I want to encourage people by my story. It started with a hysterectomy after I had my dtr 22 years ago. Advice to get done because of numerous tumors all over my uterus, Check (done). Next husband who was fit to all get out had to have both hips replaced due to a weird condition. He was 36! Week later I was having emergency surgery to take out my gallbladder on my  32 bday. Yes both of us were in bed at the same time having to have someone help with our kids and us. Our son that year had to have back surgery for a herniated disc and ruptured disc. The doctor advised no more sports for the rest of his life. Which was kinda sad because he was built like Jason whitten from cowboys. But my kids health was more important. My dtr had to have heart surgery at the age of 14 for a condition called Wolfe Parkinson White syndrome. 

Well this just the start of my story but I don’t want to loose your interest so I will blog you tomorrow. Sweet dreams! Sleep with the angels!