Life is like a heartbeat…

So back in early 2000, I started developing headaches. So I suffered them on a daily basis. My husband suggested that I go have a MRI done. So one day when my dad was out of the office (he was a dr), he had cataract surgery. I scheduled my MRI. Reminder, I worked for him so that was a blessing. 

I went to my test, left and was heading to Barnes and Noble when I got a page, yes back then we still had pagers. Telling me to call the radiology department. Umm I can say oh crap what are they going to say. They request that I come back for additional testing. So I did and please know I appreciate it to this day. I was told I had not one but two problems.  One you have three brain tumors, second you have a condition called Arnold Chari Malformation. Oh by the way you need to have brain surgeries. Being in complete utter shock I went to the office and broke. Me as a doctors dtr and me as a wife and a mother what am I going to do. So of course I called my husband, dad and my mother who was fighting her own battle of breast cancer. With all that long story short as my husband always says, I had my brain tumor surgery first and a year later had the chari surgery. Brain tumors were not cancerous. And they other was a condition we’re the tonsils at the back of the brain had slipped down the base of my neck (hyperextended) and had the skull piece removed and put a mesh piece in its place to hold everything in. So needless to say I can’t ride horses or go ride roller coasters. And needless to say I had other issues that were going to break me down.  Another chapter in my life …check!

Me writing my story I hope encourages others. More tomorrow stand by. Till then again sleep with the angels. 

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